GradePlug Disclaimer Policies

  1. Disclaimer

GradePlug was created to link  Freelancers with Buyers. Creating a thriving business space for strangers. As such, this Site is intended to be used by people of legal age; from 18 years and above, or of the legal age and mental capacity as stipulated by your country to be bound by a contract. If you are below the legal age, but above the age of 12 years and 365 days, you will be allowed to use GradePlug, provided that you only access the Site with your parent’s or guardian’s account, and their  Permission. If you are below the age of 13, please adhere to our policies and do not access GradePlug. You are not permitted to use this Site or any of its Services if you are below 13 years of age. By using this Site, you consent that you meet all our stated requirements and are eligible to access this website. To reiterate, you are not permitted to use GradePlug or any of the Site’s Services if you fall below the legal age, have no appropriate Permission, and are not considered by law, liable to be held by a legally binding contract. 

If you need any form of Support regarding the use of GradePlug, and any Questions regarding the Site’s Terms of Use and Disclaimer, please contact our Customer Support Team by submitting a request through our Contact Us Page. We are available 24/7.

  • Conduct and Protection Policy

GradePlug creates an Online Market space for people around the world to create, share, sell, and purchase Services. We prioritize providing value to our Users. All Services offered on GradePlug are scrutinized and monitored to ensure that they reflect Our Vision, and achieve Our Mission of creating a diverse space for  Freelancers to find Jobs in a growing economy. This section stipulates how GradePlug Users are expected to conduct themselves and the procedures that are acceptable by GradePlug’s Standards.

All GradePlug Community Members are encouraged to communicate and engage with other Members and GradePlug through Orders, Social Media, and the Site’s Forums. 

GradePlug strives to create and maintain a friendly and lively Community while keeping the space professional. Users are encouraged to maintain their personalities while acknowledging the personalities of other Community Members and conduct themselves cordially and responsibly. 

  1. Privacy

Your right to privacy is important to GradePlug. We have put measures in place to secure User Identities. All Users are awarded a sense of anonymity. Requesting Personal Information from Users, or providing Personal Information, is strictly prohibited. Any attempt at exchanging Email Addresses, Skype/IM User names, Telephone contact, or any other contact detail will be regarded as an attempt to circumvent the GradePlug Terms of Use and abuse the platform’s messaging system. 

If exchanging Personal Contact Details is necessary for the completion of a Job, it should be handled on the Order Page. 

  • Quality Guarantee

GradePlug does not offer any guarantee that the Service provided by Sellers will be up to par with the Buyer’s expectations. If a dispute arises, please use our dispute resolution tool on the Order Page to alert our Support Team. 

  • Protection Outside GradePlug

GradePlug is not responsible for The protection of Users who choose to interact outside the GradePlug platform. 

All file exchange and information must be performed only on the GradePlug platform.

  • Use Of Language

Any use of abusive or rude words and improper or foul language will not be permitted and may result in quarries. And if the Violations continue suspension, then a complete ban. 

  • Discrimination

GradePlug will not permit discrimination of any kind. Our platform is open to people of all races, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and legal age. No discrimination will be tolerated. Any Violation of this policy may result in suspensions or a complete ban.

  • Soliciting Services

GradePlug Users are not to solicit contracts on GradePlug. Our platform does not permit the sending of unsolicited proposals. That is proposals sent outside the Order Page. For User protection, we advise that Users are not to engage with or pay for Services outside of GradePlug. GradePlug will not be responsible for any repercussions resulting from violating this policy. 

  • Competitor Defamation

Do not defame competing Sellers on GradePlug. Do not Order a Service from a competitor with the intention of discrediting their business with bad reviews. Such reviews will be removed once they have been brought to our attention, and upon consideration, offenders may receive further disciplinary actions pending a review by our Trust and Safety Team. 

  • Bypassing Policy

Refrain from spamming other Users, soliciting more Jobs from previous Buyers or Sellers, or pressuring other Users to change reviews or cancel Orders without the proper procedures as stated in our Order cancellation terms.

  1. Plagiarism

By publishing an offer, Sellers agree that the offer is original and any content used in creating the offer is the Seller’s original work. Sellers may not plagiarise the offers of other Sellers, or infringe on third-party copyrights and trademarks. 

If any third-party content is incorporated in a Service offer, the User must have  Permission to use said content. By uploading the third-party content, the User consents to have the rights and/or valid license to use said content. The definition of third-party content is; video clips, music, beats, pictures, and every content that falls under copyright laws. 

Any Violations of copyright infringements will be met with disciplinary actions following the review of copyright claims and a notice to desist. 

  • Reporting Violations

Users who come across any form of Violation of GradePlug’s Services are encouraged to report it to our appropriate channels, or Customer Support. 

  1. Reporting Content

Contents that go against our Community Standards are to be reported to our Customer Service Team. Our Trust and Safety Team will review the content and if found to be in Violation, the appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. 

  • Reporting Offers

If an offer seems suspicious, please place a complaint with our Customer Support. If the offer is in violation of our Terms of Use or is beyond a reasonable doubt a duplication of another Seller’s offer, report the offer to Customer Support. 

  • Disciplinary Actions

Users who are caught violating GradePlug’s Terms of Use will be sent a warning indicating their Violations. The warning may arrive in their Notifications, Message Page, or User Email. Further Violations, or refusing to adhere to the Terms of use will result in limitations placed on the User’s account. These limitations may vary based on the frequency of offense within a given period, and the weight of the offense as determined by the Trust and Safety Team. The highest consequence will be the permanent disabling of the User’s account and their complete ban. 

  • Other Violations
  • Content With Sexual Nature or Pornography

GradePlug does not permit the exchange of Sexual content or Pornographic Materials.

  • Bad Language and Harassment

GradePlug allows Users to interact via a messaging platform, Forums, and social media Pages. Do not use inappropriate words when communicating with other GradePlug Users. Do not harass any User. All Interactions and Communications should be polite and in accordance with basic Human Resources ethics. No Bullying, No Sexual Harassment, No Hate Speech. 

  • Phishing and Spam 

Do not engage in Phishing and Spamming. GradePlug takes User Security seriously. All Attempts to undermine our privacy policy and compromise the Security of another User by publishing or sending malicious content are prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. 

  • Privacy & Identity 

Do not publish or post personal data of Users on Offers, Forums, or any front-end section of GradePlug. If the information is needed to complete an Order, please make use of the Order Page. 

Sellers hereby agree that all Personal Information received from Buyers to complete an Order will remain between the Buyer and Seller and will under no circumstance be published. Sellers agree that they will not publicly share any Personal Information of a Buyer which was not public domain before the Order. 

Any User who shares Personal Information outside GradePlug will not be protected by this Policy. 

  • Profile Authentication

GradePlug discourages the creation of accounts using false information or a fake identity. Do not misrepresent your identity; age, gender, nationality, or any other information that will be required upon registration. Do not Create a GradePlug account on behalf of a third party, pretend to be another User, or attempt to use the account of another person without their consent and  Permission. Provide accurate details concerning your bio, location, skills, age, etc upon registration. GradePlug will keep All Users anonymous. However, all information provided to GradePlug must be accurate and a true representation of the User. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in being denied a GradePlug account, or the termination of an existing GradePlug account. 

GradePlug will also carry out a verification process on all Users. 

  • Copyright Claims

GradePlug will respond to all copyright claims following the presentation of evidence of copyrights and trademark ownership. 

  • Fraud / Unlawful Use 

Do not use GradePlug for any unlawful purpose. Either unlawful based on your geographic location, or based on internet laws. 

  1. Multiple Accounts

You are permitted to own and manage only One (1) active GradePlug Individual account and/or only One (1) active GradePlug Business account. Any additional account will be in violation of our Terms of Use and will be considered an effort to undermine and exploit our system. If the User’s Account is found to be in violation of this Policy, the said account will be disabled or suspended, permanently.

  • Buyer Ownership Rights.

When an Order is placed on GradePlug, unless otherwise stated on the Seller’s Offer Description, Upon delivery of the Order, and Payment of the agreed fees, the Buyer will resume ownership of the Ordered item. The Buyer will assume full intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to the content delivered by the Seller. The Seller waives all rights, moral and intellectual rights therein and confers them on the Seller upon receipt of the agreed payments. 

For custom Services, such as art, copy-writing, and creative writing, the delivered work will become the sole property of the Buyer and the Seller will confer the copyright to the Buyer upon receipt of the agreed payment. Except expressly stated by the Seller on the Offer Description. Sellers can opt to offer custom works and Services with Commercial Use rights at an extra charge, Non-Commercial Use rights at the basic charge. 

The right of the content may not be used by the Buyer if the Order is canceled and payment reversed. In a case where the Order is canceled after completion and a refund processed, all property rights will be returned to the Seller. 


For every payment of 5$, 1$ will be the fee of commission.